Coby Piper

As a certified Master Personal Trainer and Deputy Sheriff, Coby Piper has a full understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the body and what it needs to achieve her client's goals. With Coby's upbeat attitude and persistent drive to achieve success, she focuses on designing personalized workouts pertaining to her client's needs.  She has a broad background in athletics and loves to incorporate various techniques such as a total body circuit training, kickboxing, and strength training, along with proper nutrition, to achieve your fitness goals. 

With over 16 years of experience in fitness training, Coby has trained several collegiate athletes, sport specific young athletes, and clients wanting to lose weight. Coby has a proven track record of client satisfaction, retention, and results.


  • IFA Aerobics and Fitness Instructor

  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer


Grady Reily

Grady is a Nationally Qualified NPC Bodybuilder, a Fitness and Nutrition Coach, and Co-Owner of Livingston Fitness Center. Grady’s main focus is helping clients instill healthy lifestyle habits that fit your daily routine. His coaching services include Flexible Dieting Protocols, Personalized Meal Plans, Reverse Dieting, Metabolic Repair, Nutrition Supplementation, Contest Prep, Custom Training Programs, and Personal Training Sessions.

  • Nationally Qualified NPC Competitor

  • Fitness & Nutrition Coach

Alex Picture.jpg

Alex Garza

  As a certified personal trainer, Alex has experience working with all fitness levels and ages. On top of being a trainer at LFC, Alex is the mom of 2 and has always been involved in sports which has followed her into a profession that she loves. She believes physical health is just as important as our mental health. Alex hopes to change lives one pound at a time and build you to be stronger mentally.


  • Expert Rating Global Personal Trainer