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Here are LFC we aim to provide everything you would need to aid you in your fitness journey.  We offer supplements, drinks, t-shirts, ear buds, protein bars and more! 

We are always updating our inventory and looking to carry the top products out there. We carry more than any gym in Livingston!



We carry a wide variety of just about anything you would need

  • Protein

  • Pre-Workout

  • Intra-Workout

  • Post-Workout

  • Fat Burners

We strive to keep top selling products at LFC. The brands that we carry are:

  • Redcon 1

  • BSN

  • Black Market

  • Bang

  • Dymatize

  • Optimum Nutrition

  • Labrada

  • Scivation

               LFC Gear


Don't forget to stop and pick up your LFC gear!

  • T-Shirts

  • Tank Tops

  • Hoodies

  • Ball Caps

  • Toboggan

  • Ear Buds

  • Workout Gloves



RTD's (Ready to drink)



We carry a variety of RTD's to get you through your workout, and a protein drink for after! We carry 98% of the Bang flavors and are always adding to our stock when new flavors come out before any other gym in Livingston!